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before it's too late for us!
Hi my name is Katie, heiress to a wealthy European banking family. Those of you who live in the EU know what tumultuous times we face. Factions of decentralized peer-to-peer financial terrorists have been fanatically promoting Bitcoin. Already we have been forced to raise taxes and regulate the shit out of anything calling itself a crypto-currency. Unfortunately, this has done little to stem the tide of an incipient monetary paradigm, and our banking monopoly is in serious jeopardy as hordes of unpatriotic plebes forcibly take responsibility over their money. Sadly, I am having to type this by my own hand, as we have been forced to lay-off most of our servants, and I fear that soon we will have to begin sharing the family jets, as we can no longer afford one for each of us.

Please join our efforts in the fight against Bitcoin, and bring these financial crypto-terrorists to justice.
Let's Stop Bitcoin together. Sign the petition.
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